Copper Art


Copper Art :

Craft : Handmade copper art

Materials : Copper

Colors : Shades of copper and dark gold

Measurements : Vary based on what you order

Product Weights : Vary based on what you order

Handmade by Special Care : Wipe piece with a soft cloth. Occasionally clean with Vinegar or Lemon/ Lime juice.

Place the item in a glass or plastic container (not metal). Pour enough vinegar until it completely covers the piece.  Let stand four about 10-15 minutes.  Rinse.  Dry.  Done!


Bulk and Customized Orders : Delivery time for bulk order would be depending on your location, the quantity required and availability. The shipping time for customized and bulk orders would be longer than regular shipping times and we would keep you posted about the approximate delivery date post inquiring as well.


Note: The prices and shipping time vary as per the buyer’s requirement. There are various sizes and designs available for all copper art work and each piece is custom made to order.


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