We at India Craft Art have always believed in giving back a little more than we take from Nature. We can bring about a huge difference if we consciously make the right choice.

Here are 3 basic tips from us whenever you purchase any garments, anywhere around the world.

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Go Natural

  • Look out for natural fabrics like Organic Cotton, Linen, Wool, Silk etc., they have a much lighter footprint on the ecosystem as compared to synthetic fabrics.
  • Choose naturally died garments. These natural dies are obtained from fruits, flowers, trees, roots & barks and many other mineral rich sources.
  • Synthetic and machine processed garments result in large scale pollution of Rivers, Seas and Oceans where the synthetic dies are dumped, also the location of such factories results in the pollution of water present inside the soil, which when bored out is seen to be polluted with colourful synthetic dies. The water is no more usable in that area.

Support Sustainable Production

  • Sustainable Production implies to that practice of manufacturing fabrics where Environmental, Social and Economic factors are all taken into consideration such that minimum impact is challenged on these factors.
  • Supporting such manufacturers, like us, is your way of making a difference to the society.
  • Selecting the right fabric for the right time can make a huge difference. For Eg: Instead of selecting machine processed cotton fabrics in warmer seasons you can go for hemp, khadi or 100% organic cotton.
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Support the Local Artisans

  • Thoughtful fabric usage, processes that pay tribute to tradition and a system built on slow fashion. This is one reason we collaborate and work closely with artisans.
  • Generates 9 times more employment when compared to machine processed textile mills.
  • For the longevity of heritage and tradition.